Ruff! I mean Hi! My names Gage and I’m a 10 month old German Shepard. The life of a dog isn’t as easy as you think, the moment my master leaves my worlds falls apart, so I destroy anything in site hence the name ‘Gage the Destroyer’. I’d like to believe that I’m a pretty open pooch and really don’t discriminate against things I destroy be it, flower pots, newspapers, anything within reach on a counter top, dog beds, playstation headsets, all my toys that can’t seem to last 48 hours, you know. Not everything’s all doom and gloom though, when my masters around I’m in absolute heaven! About 9 out of 99 times a day I approach him for attention and am met with a happy greeting and heavy petting which I love. It’s ok if I don’t get what I want as well cause I have no where else to be, so I’ll just bug him every 5 minutes til I get what I want :)


Handsome German Shepard Another post - Alright Alright Alright!! I’d say I’ve got most the hard coding done and the website right around 75% complete. Excited to get this bad boy done and show it off, oh and it’s 3:16a.m. :/
gage_page_name This is a test post - I’m setting some initial posts up to make sure I get the layout correct, no big changes here!
Gage the Cartoon Hello world! - Hello World and thank you for visiting the Gage Page! I created this page as a sample single page web design with extra features such as the pop out menu and image slider.


Gage the Cartoon

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